Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cauvery Bridge...Trichy

one of the well known landmark in trichy.... one and only place in town whre we guys used hang out in the weekends used to hav a bike race with altered bikes (4 yrs before)...those days whn we race no body bothers us including police

Last year whn i went for vacation i hav been ther for couple of weekends, the bridge was less crowded, with some "nadamadum kadalai kadai, popcorns etc", police patrols hav been placed in both the ends... no bike races, most of the guys are having cars ..mmm totally the whole atmopshere of cauvery bridge has changed... really i was missing something... i duno wht was tht..
may be my friends ? bike race? hunting? days are flying....
i wonder , how will it be in next 5 yrs..... let see

he he this photo i flicked from one of the newspaper during flood time last month
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