Saturday, February 25, 2006

This Week Top5

This week => Top5.

1. Watchd the film " Chithiram Pesudadi" , another quite ok movie…
after a long time listend a gud Ghana song with gud simple folk dance=> "Vazha Meenukum vilaaangu meenukum" song
watch out the song………….

2. 4th week in a row sitting in the office w/out a single day off (frustating)

3. Cooked Chicken curry with fish masala (w/out knowing) but it gve nice taste

4. Wearing Bangle type hearings (big) and lolaaku type hearings , Head band are again in fashion now with girls

5. Bird Flu in india => most of the people stopped eating chicken here also

cheers !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Nick Name

Right from the childhood , Most of us will be having a "Nick Name"
though most of them does'nt like calling by their nick name, but we irritate them by calling so..
he he he…
especially in the school days, I swear if somebody calls u by ur nick name, we never talk to tht guy/girl for the
next 1 week or etc………

whrever u go in any school, in each class there will be 2 or more guys having a same name "saravana, senthil, priya,laxmi" it keeps on..
so wht we guys wil do? Make a nick name in front of their name like "netta saravana , kutta saravana…something like tht"….
if u call this Kutta saravana => Kutta , obviously he'll get angry

if a guy has a name like joesph, automatically he'll be calld as "Joe", Jayakumar will be "JK", Anusha will be "Anu"….

though we hav lots of nick names outside the home, we used to hav inside the home also,
here we go…

whn u r a baby u'll be calld as "by ur parents…
Boy :- Kanna, Thangamani, Chellam, etc etc
Girl :- Baby ( one of the most familiar name , whr most of the parents calls her daughter as "Baby" evn if she is married…)

Whn u r school kid, mostly they'll call u by the name…

Whn u r in ( 9th std - 12th std ) u'll be scolded as "Eruma madu"
PS:- ( unna valkuradhuku pesama oru madu (cow) valakalam atleast paal (milk) kodukum…..)
"Pesama padipa nippatitu madu meika poda "indha dialogue illadha veedey illa pa….
though they r (parents) not telling by their heart, tht time we get too much rosam , I duno why
(City la madu valakuradhu na avalavu easy aaah?)

Whn u r in college :- u'll be called as a "Ooru Suthura Nai (dog)"
But I duno , wht u'll be called once u move to work…

If u hav any sister or brother, I swear they'll call u as "Makku, Hey loosu, Maramanda" always…….

I had lots of Nick Names,
Though my name is Gopi,
Gobi manjoorian ( by my Father's brother)
Nagu ( by my Darlings)
Gopika ( by my Darlings childrens )
Pesasu,Poriki,korangu ( by my sweet sister)
Loosu (obvioulsy by my brother)
sachin ( whn I play cricket )
Racer ( during bike race )
Gops ( by my parents, sister, colleagues, friends, relations, roomates)
Goji ( by my friends son)
Erumamadu ( by my darlings again)
Maapla, mamu, Kiruka ( by my sweetheart )
PS :- Sweetheart => My Best Friend dhandapani, (en uir tholan)
Vellapaya (whiteguy)=> ( by my friends father)
Goli (lie) master =(by my colleagues , whn I talk with my company's creditors)
Last but not least,
My days ( by my Blog friends)
all are my favourites, but "Gops, Gopika" are my top favourite…….

PS :- sory for the long essay
Hw abt u my friends? Obviously u shud hav atleast one? Whts tht?....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

no reason

naan sollanum nu ninaicha solliduven,
Mathavanga madhiri ippa solluren appa sollurenu Illuthadika maaten..
Sollanum nu ninaichitenu vai, adhai yaaraalum thaduka mudiaadhu...
adhey samayam, solluradhuku munaadi niraiaaah yosipen....
aaanal sollanumnu mudivu pannitaah, appuram yosikavey maaten...

PS:- I never cry bcos, it doesnt solves my problem..

he he he

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

" Hero pen and Bril Ink"

today's thought

Hw Many of them (in abroad) knw abt " Ink Pen"? and how many of them still using "ink pen"
whoever may be > kid,youth,kila bolt !!!!

whn I was a kid in the school, till 3rd std all the students are supposed to write only in pencil,
after tht , once u enter the 4th std, u hav to start wrinting in pen tht too in a "Ink Pen"…..
(there were ballpoint pens also, but its totally banned in the schools….) so till my 12th std(1997) I've been using only Ink Pens… during exams times I used to carry two pens fully loaded with ink ( ennomo fulla eludhi theekura madhiri he he and after exam I'll pour some ink in the ground (illati veetla kandupudichidu vaangley!!!!)

there are lots of models and types of ink pens available in the market… but our alltime favourite is "Hero Pen" made in China . "Hero Pen" speciality is the writing "Nip" and comfort in filling ink…and it wont suck too much ink…. and his perfect partner? ys, we guys always prefer " Bril Ink" .. it cost Rs.5/- the whole bottle (whole sale) and 25paise/filling in one pen in retail…
all the book shops wil be having a good sales in ink during exams time….

Now a days, most of the people hav changed to Ballpoint pens…even in the schools now the kids are starting with the ballpoint pen only
tht too right after their 1st std….

u can ask why all of sudden "why a botheration on "Ink Pen"," ?
my answer ,
nothing yaar, most of my colleagues sons and daughter doesn’t knw abt "Ink Pen"…..whn I told them abt , they're very eager on it…..

PS:- Even me too, stopped using the " Ink Pen" I duno why….. (kaalathin kattayam?)
But I miss my "Hero Pen and Bril Ink"……..
cheers !!!!!!!!

Missing u Mom!!!!!!!!!!!

You are Perfect
You are Grand
You are Simply Great
You were always with me
You once held my hand
Teaching me to take steps
watching as i grew
now that i have grown-up
I'm making sure you knew
You have been such a great mom
In each and everyy way till u were there and even now......
"I know that you are still taking care of me now and always.......
Thanks for all tht you have given to me......

Though u r not with me for the past 6yrs,
i miss u everymoment mom...

PS:- i was totally forget this day.., but it strukd bck, whn i read Visth's blog abt her father...Tnx yaar...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wht do u think ?

Wht do u guys/gals think? whn u r on the way to the office/college in the morning?
and way back to ur home in the evening?
Me, in the morning…….
1. wht song to listen..
2. Whthr my colleague waits for me at the right place at right time,
3. Aiyo , andha road block aah irruka kooodadhu……..
4.Breakfast mudiaarudhu kulla office reach aagiranum……
5. first oru 15 mins ku endha velaium varakooda dhu….
these are the five things I usually think whn I'm on the way to office….

PS:- whn I see other people in the traffic signal, most of them looks on the signal light, some talks on the mobile, and some simply stare at something ( like freezed)….. I wanted to ask them, whtz running on ur mind now> right now? He he he

In the evening……..
1. wht to eat ? ( self cooking or restaurant?)
this will be in my mind till I eat !!!!!paaprey..

PS:- since, I've purchased this mp3 player……I've not listend any 1 full song….
( Remote summa poondhu vilai aadudhu)

cheers !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

aiyo aiyo

Yestdy watched the Super Hit Film " Idaya Thirudan" ….
yabba…….thangala da sami…….
its like a episode in teleserial with advertisements…( especially Parry's sugar)
don’t ask me the story and comments…..
he he he , I watchd for time passing, so nothing in my mind…
some songs are good…(1 song same like seena thaana doi)….
ther are lots of bit songs in the film…
we laughed out louder whn we heard these two songs….
1. urika urika uriumda vengayam ( aiyo da , idhu engaluku theriyaadha?)

this song I watched may be more 10 times….and confused .. Whr my roomates bangd me….
here we go to the song…

Paiyan Kanavil Ponnu varuva Thavani uruvi tharuva??? (kodumai da)
Ponnu kanavil Yaaro varuvaan usira thirugi tharu va….!!!! (appuram?)
Endha Puthil endha Paambo, etti paarthaal siva siva sambo…

Kaala suthi kadikumey puddhi kulley
Puthu katti Pothi pothi Thinnum mey!!!!!!!!
maarumey emaarumey…!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked this song… but cudnt get wht they trying too say…

Idhaiya Thirudan ->->->->- Onnathaium Thirudala......

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Difficult Task !!!!!!!!!

whts the difficult task in our life time?
whts the toughest choice, decision? u will make in ur life time?

I say its "Switching job" from one to another company…

Ys, atlast I attend an interview ystdy.(after 3yrs)
Its a big reputed company..
while sitting in the interview hall I met more than 35staffs (most of them are indians) for my applied post….disaster…(come on gops, u r not the only person who wanted to change the job)….
I was waiting for my turn to be inteviewed….
in the meantime , for time passing I was talking to my furture collegues(aasai adhigam da unaku)
the office boy served us tea, while he was serving to othrs I laughed myself
( I remembered tht joke " Sir Ladduuuuu" ) he he he

"I cum to knw tht main reason , why the people are switching job is for a "good pay" whr, why i wanted to change for to" learn"....
After 1.27 mins my turn came to enter……..whn I enter the room ther was only one single guy (kila boltu) sitting…

Intrvr :- G'd morn Mr.Jopaneth . ( he killed my name)
Me :- (sotta, pera olunga sollu da)(myself!!) G'morn…u can cal me gops...
Intrvr :- Ok… I wnt thru ur C.V. , u hav done…, gud.. Why u didn’t do more than tht?
Me :- I wanted to , but I got an good offer , so I didn’t…..
Intvr :- ok, why u want to join our company?
Me :- jst it’s a big organisation, I can learn a lot….etc etc..
Intvr :- why?ur company is a not a big one?
Me : - it is., but I want to change………….
Intvr:- whts ur expectation?
Me :- xxx
Intvr:- u knw, our company doesn’t give any allowances…only net salary…..whr ur company gives u all the facilities…
Me:- s I knw,
Intvr:- if u calculate everthing, u'll get only around xx more, for tht u want to take risk?
Me:- risk?
Intvr:- ya, if u don’t prove urself... in ur provision period , u'll be fired …..
Me:- (ennada idhu…ippadi solraaan sottai…….)
Me:- no probs, I can manage it….
Intvr :- ok gops…..will call u soon (parambara parambara ai idhey dialogue )
Me :- myself ( naalu question kooda ketkala? For this I wasted 3hrs man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Me:- thanks sir, (nee koopuda maatanu therium)…..
Me.: Nice Meeting u…..bye

P.S.:- On the way to my office , I was thinking myself…… why I want to switch the job now? I'm happy with wht I'm getting and obviously I wont get the facilities like wht I'm getting here, in other companies…..
If my reason is only to learn and to get a good title ? Why cant I do it in the current working company itself? (dai sotta ennai confuse pannitiey.!!!!)
then, aftr a long kolumbufying I decided myself, not to join the new company if they call me (ennomo nalllaikey koopudura madhiri?) he he he

Working under pressure always gives u experience (obviously it gives blood pressure too !!!)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valaentines Day !

To all my dear friends,

Happy Valentines Day....

Irruko , illaiyo ...tht doesnt matter .....


Saturday, February 11, 2006


i want all the songs from the film " Thalaivasal"....
so if u guys hav please send it to me... to my mail "", or otherwise lemme knw from whr i can download atleast......

What a Quote !!!!!!!!

atlast, i fixed my pioneer 5550 in my car ystdy w/out amp and sub-woofer.. will try to fix it in a month..

i cald my close friend (uyir nanban) to thank him for sending the player.... while talking i askd him to send me his amp (pioneer 9 series) and let him a buy a new one (whr i'll pay for the new one ofcoure).....
once i asked this , he answred like this...

dai maanga,

Nagoor briyaani ku , villupurathil ulla naai (dog) asai pada koodadhu......

i duno wht to reply.....
i jst simply said....

dai nee engaiyo poita da..,

Thursday, February 09, 2006


ystdy I met my old room-mate in one restaurant……..i was surprised ( last september he got married (love) and he brought his wife here……)
his name is Aravind ( who always likes to hav commitment)

Me :- hey wht hpnd aravind…..taking dinner outside? Wife sick aah?
Him :- No da, I send her to india last week….
Me :- Again Surprised !!!! Why da?
Him :- I cnt save any money da, wht I'm earning fils to fils, I'm spending here……..
Me:- Why u r spending all? Ur wife is working too right?
Him:- ya, but she stopped 1month b4 itself….
Me :- visa problem?
Him:- illa da, she is carrying…
Me :- ennatha?
Him:- Mara manda,
Me:- why she has to carry tht?
Him:- dai loosu, she is pregnant ( 3months )
Me:- Aiyo da, adha sollu modhala….
Me:- so?
Him:- no da, as u knw, I dun hav any relation here, nobody is here to take care her, and also my working time has changed . break shift, evening I finish by 8.30 only …so she has to be alone for the whole day except the weekend , tht too I hav to go on call
Him :- so, I decided to send her back home…atleast her parents and my parents will take care of her.
Me :- ????? Is she happy to go?
Him:- No not at all , but I forced her………lastly she agreed..
Me :- good decision, atleast unnala mudinjadha pannita…… ketkave nalla irruku…..poitu varen….morning seekiram poganum nu escape aagiten…

P.S.:- wht u guys think abt him? Ofcourse, we don’t hav any rights to comment on him and his personal things…but I cudnt

both are from the neighbours, childhood sweethearts, engineers, she was working in chennai at a good pay, she resigned before she come.
as far as I knw, she had told him before marrige (love pannum pothu) , we will marry in 2007 mid,but he is the one who insisted her ,
bull $hit, he spoiled her future…… educated girl, sitting at home,
she has to stay with her parents .atleast for some the village….

dear aravind, I wanted to ask u something face to face, but I cant,
Its good to keep commited ourself in something, but commitment like this is a not a good commitment…
wht pleasure u get from this? Tht too at the age of 25?

worried man..

Sunday, February 05, 2006

National Language - Hindi

My Country is India.. My National Language is Hindi.. I'm from the state of Tamilnadu and my mother tongue is Tamil..
How many of the tamilians can read, write and speak in Hindi? in tamilnadu?
I think only 25% of the people can do ? Whr in other southern states in India ( Kerala, Andhra, and Karnataka) the average hindi speaking people are more than 75% - 90%........
I duno my National Language, I feel shame on myself. sometimes in front of other nationalities and ofcourse in front of someIndians too..
Why like this? Wht made me to not to learn hindi?
u can ask why they didn’t teach in ur school?
Good question, I do hav an answer for tht.
In Tamilnadu, the schools follows either Central Board Syllabus nor State Board Syllabus
Central Board Syllabus => Hindi is the main language and the mother tongue tamil language comes secondary (with option)
State Board Sylabus => Mother Tongue Tamil is the main language and the secondary language is Sanskrit….
aiyo? why not Hindi? ( I knw Sanskrit born from Hindi only… but even though….)
whn I was in the primary school (till 5th std)… I can read, I can write and I can even speak hindi .
everything needs practice right?
unfortunately , I joined my 6th (1990) std in one of the popular school (state board syllabus) in my city……and thts made a fullstop for learning hindi…
obviously, I wud hav joined any private institution to learn hindi… but bearing on my family financial situation, I cudnt…
(idhelaam vazhakai il sagajam appaa……)

I came to knw in the later, tht bcos of the some of the selfish politicians, who made the government to take out hindi from the state board syllabus. And also they preached everywher tht learning hindi (other state's language) is a crime in Tamilnadu and all shud learn only tamil.. …bullshit... wht they lose if we learn hindi? will they die?
wht they earned from this? Name or fame? I duno whts the cause???????? Wil they realize in the future atleast?

Thank god, they didn’t consider English language……….otherwise, life would hav become tuff for the guys like me……. Puff !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till I was in Tamilnadu, I didn’t knw hindi's importance, but once I reached gulf, I really felt …..everybody speaks hindi..(thruout gulf Hindi speaking peoples are high then the locals).
i suffered a lot yaar……….
still, the people identifies u as a Madras wala by the way of speaking hindi..thts the big comedy.....

Now I duno whtr they started teaching hindi in state board syllabus…..?

P.S:- With the help of my colleague (mumbai guy), I learned hindi a bit, means I can talk now 50%, and can understand 70%....
Ofcourse yaar, I love my mother tongue tamil but I talked abt my national language…………Konjam over aaiducha?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pioneer - MPH-5750

i bought this MP3 player from india thru my friend... its the latest and it has all the option almost i saved around 3k... ( who said tht electronics are cheaper in gulf?)...yet to fix hunting for a second-hand amp whr i can fix the sub woofer also....

Features :
Pioneer's DEH-P5750MP CD Tuner combines Multi-Color LCD Display, MP3/WMA/WAV Playback, EEQ(Easy EQ) with EQ-EX/SFEQ, BMX Digital Compression, MOSFET50, Supertuner IIID, IP-Bus System Control, Card Remote, Pop-up Rotary Volume Control, Flap Face, and Detachable Face Security to creat an ideal CD Tuner for any car audio requirementMOSFET 50 Watts x 4 high power EEQ+ (Easy Equalizer Plus) iPOD Adapter Ready (CD-IB100 via EXT control) Card IR Remote Control Playback for MP3, WMA and WAV Files BMX (BiMetric Equalizer) Multiplay CD Stacker Compatible

P.S.- Nanba, romba danks pa. (set ai anupivatchaduku........) Posted by Picasa