Thursday, February 09, 2006


ystdy I met my old room-mate in one restaurant……..i was surprised ( last september he got married (love) and he brought his wife here……)
his name is Aravind ( who always likes to hav commitment)

Me :- hey wht hpnd aravind…..taking dinner outside? Wife sick aah?
Him :- No da, I send her to india last week….
Me :- Again Surprised !!!! Why da?
Him :- I cnt save any money da, wht I'm earning fils to fils, I'm spending here……..
Me:- Why u r spending all? Ur wife is working too right?
Him:- ya, but she stopped 1month b4 itself….
Me :- visa problem?
Him:- illa da, she is carrying…
Me :- ennatha?
Him:- Mara manda,
Me:- why she has to carry tht?
Him:- dai loosu, she is pregnant ( 3months )
Me:- Aiyo da, adha sollu modhala….
Me:- so?
Him:- no da, as u knw, I dun hav any relation here, nobody is here to take care her, and also my working time has changed . break shift, evening I finish by 8.30 only …so she has to be alone for the whole day except the weekend , tht too I hav to go on call
Him :- so, I decided to send her back home…atleast her parents and my parents will take care of her.
Me :- ????? Is she happy to go?
Him:- No not at all , but I forced her………lastly she agreed..
Me :- good decision, atleast unnala mudinjadha pannita…… ketkave nalla irruku…..poitu varen….morning seekiram poganum nu escape aagiten…

P.S.:- wht u guys think abt him? Ofcourse, we don’t hav any rights to comment on him and his personal things…but I cudnt

both are from the neighbours, childhood sweethearts, engineers, she was working in chennai at a good pay, she resigned before she come.
as far as I knw, she had told him before marrige (love pannum pothu) , we will marry in 2007 mid,but he is the one who insisted her ,
bull $hit, he spoiled her future…… educated girl, sitting at home,
she has to stay with her parents .atleast for some the village….

dear aravind, I wanted to ask u something face to face, but I cant,
Its good to keep commited ourself in something, but commitment like this is a not a good commitment…
wht pleasure u get from this? Tht too at the age of 25?

worried man..


TamilPonnu said...

Ppl need to plan their life a lil bit... I feel bad for the wives who come here and not work.. they get so bored.. all they do is cook and clean. Pretty sad!

Jeevan said...

they should think more, before get married. my wishes for u r friend, who is going to be a father soon.

neighbour said...

We cant stop what ever written to happen.. Instead of having commintments we can change the life based on the happenings..

kalam poga poga yellam seriyagi vidum...

Sandai-Kozhi said...

well..just passing by..

dunno....i'd say its his wish entirely. SOme dont feel ready to the commitment of marriage until their late 20's. Some ...feel that they can take on the responsibility before hand itself..OR ELSe..they are crazy in love! =P

My days(Gops) said...

Aarvama irrundha thappey illa, but arva kolaraa irundhaa thaaan tapppu....

@tamil :-well said..planning makes
life perfect.. not all the plans will strike but ....

@jeevan: sure, wil pass ur wishes

@neighbour :- whose kalam poga poga sari aaidum?

@precious :- tnx for passing.