Thursday, February 16, 2006

Difficult Task !!!!!!!!!

whts the difficult task in our life time?
whts the toughest choice, decision? u will make in ur life time?

I say its "Switching job" from one to another company…

Ys, atlast I attend an interview ystdy.(after 3yrs)
Its a big reputed company..
while sitting in the interview hall I met more than 35staffs (most of them are indians) for my applied post….disaster…(come on gops, u r not the only person who wanted to change the job)….
I was waiting for my turn to be inteviewed….
in the meantime , for time passing I was talking to my furture collegues(aasai adhigam da unaku)
the office boy served us tea, while he was serving to othrs I laughed myself
( I remembered tht joke " Sir Ladduuuuu" ) he he he

"I cum to knw tht main reason , why the people are switching job is for a "good pay" whr, why i wanted to change for to" learn"....
After 1.27 mins my turn came to enter……..whn I enter the room ther was only one single guy (kila boltu) sitting…

Intrvr :- G'd morn Mr.Jopaneth . ( he killed my name)
Me :- (sotta, pera olunga sollu da)(myself!!) G'morn…u can cal me gops...
Intrvr :- Ok… I wnt thru ur C.V. , u hav done…, gud.. Why u didn’t do more than tht?
Me :- I wanted to , but I got an good offer , so I didn’t…..
Intvr :- ok, why u want to join our company?
Me :- jst it’s a big organisation, I can learn a lot….etc etc..
Intvr :- why?ur company is a not a big one?
Me : - it is., but I want to change………….
Intvr:- whts ur expectation?
Me :- xxx
Intvr:- u knw, our company doesn’t give any allowances…only net salary…..whr ur company gives u all the facilities…
Me:- s I knw,
Intvr:- if u calculate everthing, u'll get only around xx more, for tht u want to take risk?
Me:- risk?
Intvr:- ya, if u don’t prove urself... in ur provision period , u'll be fired …..
Me:- (ennada idhu…ippadi solraaan sottai…….)
Me:- no probs, I can manage it….
Intvr :- ok gops…..will call u soon (parambara parambara ai idhey dialogue )
Me :- myself ( naalu question kooda ketkala? For this I wasted 3hrs man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Me:- thanks sir, (nee koopuda maatanu therium)…..
Me.: Nice Meeting u…..bye

P.S.:- On the way to my office , I was thinking myself…… why I want to switch the job now? I'm happy with wht I'm getting and obviously I wont get the facilities like wht I'm getting here, in other companies…..
If my reason is only to learn and to get a good title ? Why cant I do it in the current working company itself? (dai sotta ennai confuse pannitiey.!!!!)
then, aftr a long kolumbufying I decided myself, not to join the new company if they call me (ennomo nalllaikey koopudura madhiri?) he he he

Working under pressure always gives u experience (obviously it gives blood pressure too !!!)


neighbour said...

Working under pressure gives blood pressure !!! - kalaaceteenga poonga...

Aaasai thannapa yellathukum karanam.. Manasu eppavumaa irukaradha vitutu parakaratha thaan parkum..

Naam onnum thravigal illi manasa adaki vazvadharku..

Peak Day Blues said...


TamilPonnu said...

hahahaha.. nalla sottai confuse pannitaan.

so ur happy with where u are??

self doubt sucks sometimes.. ya know..

Jagan said...

maams ..velai kedaikattum ...apporam pakkalam ..athukku munnadi ni velai reject yen pannurey ?

Jeevan said...

hahaha super interview. i remember a interview from Sathyaraj movie, kalyana Kalata, where sathyaraj go for Theater Manager interview, where manivannan ask: ippa kadavul nera vanthu unaku our varam koduppar, nan nalla iruntha theater nasama poedum, theater nalla iruntha nan nasama poeduvan.

My days(Gops) said...

@Neigh :- ofcourse, aasai padaradhu namma istam... Thuravigalukkum aasai,aasai padakoodadhu nu.

@peak :- he he

@tamil:-@self doubt sucks sometimes really sucks..

@Jag :- sure...

@Jeevan :- Nice joke....