Friday, February 24, 2006

Nick Name

Right from the childhood , Most of us will be having a "Nick Name"
though most of them does'nt like calling by their nick name, but we irritate them by calling so..
he he he…
especially in the school days, I swear if somebody calls u by ur nick name, we never talk to tht guy/girl for the
next 1 week or etc………

whrever u go in any school, in each class there will be 2 or more guys having a same name "saravana, senthil, priya,laxmi" it keeps on..
so wht we guys wil do? Make a nick name in front of their name like "netta saravana , kutta saravana…something like tht"….
if u call this Kutta saravana => Kutta , obviously he'll get angry

if a guy has a name like joesph, automatically he'll be calld as "Joe", Jayakumar will be "JK", Anusha will be "Anu"….

though we hav lots of nick names outside the home, we used to hav inside the home also,
here we go…

whn u r a baby u'll be calld as "by ur parents…
Boy :- Kanna, Thangamani, Chellam, etc etc
Girl :- Baby ( one of the most familiar name , whr most of the parents calls her daughter as "Baby" evn if she is married…)

Whn u r school kid, mostly they'll call u by the name…

Whn u r in ( 9th std - 12th std ) u'll be scolded as "Eruma madu"
PS:- ( unna valkuradhuku pesama oru madu (cow) valakalam atleast paal (milk) kodukum…..)
"Pesama padipa nippatitu madu meika poda "indha dialogue illadha veedey illa pa….
though they r (parents) not telling by their heart, tht time we get too much rosam , I duno why
(City la madu valakuradhu na avalavu easy aaah?)

Whn u r in college :- u'll be called as a "Ooru Suthura Nai (dog)"
But I duno , wht u'll be called once u move to work…

If u hav any sister or brother, I swear they'll call u as "Makku, Hey loosu, Maramanda" always…….

I had lots of Nick Names,
Though my name is Gopi,
Gobi manjoorian ( by my Father's brother)
Nagu ( by my Darlings)
Gopika ( by my Darlings childrens )
Pesasu,Poriki,korangu ( by my sweet sister)
Loosu (obvioulsy by my brother)
sachin ( whn I play cricket )
Racer ( during bike race )
Gops ( by my parents, sister, colleagues, friends, relations, roomates)
Goji ( by my friends son)
Erumamadu ( by my darlings again)
Maapla, mamu, Kiruka ( by my sweetheart )
PS :- Sweetheart => My Best Friend dhandapani, (en uir tholan)
Vellapaya (whiteguy)=> ( by my friends father)
Goli (lie) master =(by my colleagues , whn I talk with my company's creditors)
Last but not least,
My days ( by my Blog friends)
all are my favourites, but "Gops, Gopika" are my top favourite…….

PS :- sory for the long essay
Hw abt u my friends? Obviously u shud hav atleast one? Whts tht?....


Srikanth said...
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Srikanth said...

nice review on nick names.. im called logic..

There are also those stories bound with opposite sexes N having nicknames with it. U missed it..

neighbour said...

neriya peru iruku but for to make note:

kurangu:- by my best of best friends

mullamaari - By my maths teacher -avalavu close- -chellmaa thann thitu vaanga...

idhu illaama enna per suraukam neriya iruku
Bab, Bobgally, Baebu,Babu, Bobby etc...

visithra said...

lol athe dialogue ehlam vithlaiyum using ah? cheh 101 child scoldingla iruhkumoh

been wanting to post on this for a long time will do so soon

My days(Gops) said...
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My days(Gops) said...

@srikanth :- welcome..
oh really!!! did i?

@ neighbour:- enga ponaalum indha madhiri nick name irruka thaaaan seiudhu...
he he he

@Visith:- ketaachi ketaachi...enna pannuradhu? let sme1 try to change the dialouge in nxt generation...
he he
really? post post lemme read it..

Jeevan said...

evalavu paru ungaluku, i also have some nich names. my brother and some friends call me bus, when my front teets were fall, i dont know how that name comes.

kuttichuvaru said...

nice post... veetukku veedu vaasappadi....

as to my nicks, hav been many, but the significant one is actually in my blog name itself...