Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wht do u think ?

Wht do u guys/gals think? whn u r on the way to the office/college in the morning?
and way back to ur home in the evening?
Me, in the morning…….
1. wht song to listen..
2. Whthr my colleague waits for me at the right place at right time,
3. Aiyo , andha road block aah irruka kooodadhu……..
4.Breakfast mudiaarudhu kulla office reach aagiranum……
5. first oru 15 mins ku endha velaium varakooda dhu….
these are the five things I usually think whn I'm on the way to office….

PS:- whn I see other people in the traffic signal, most of them looks on the signal light, some talks on the mobile, and some simply stare at something ( like freezed)….. I wanted to ask them, whtz running on ur mind now> right now? He he he

In the evening……..
1. wht to eat ? ( self cooking or restaurant?)
this will be in my mind till I eat !!!!!paaprey..

PS:- since, I've purchased this mp3 player……I've not listend any 1 full song….
( Remote summa poondhu vilai aadudhu)

cheers !!!!!!!!!!


neighbour said...

gops:- Abt my thinking its weird.. Sometimes I thing abt what I am thinking..

Yesterday I saw idhaya thirudan.. yemmma yemma yemma eppa eppa eppaapaa .. enna oru padam.. Nenenga sonna andha paatu sema sooper...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha, Wierd thinking cannot be told out here ;)
1)Will be thinking all lecturers should never appear for the day.
2) Power failure- During lab classes to have a nice chat.

1)When to getup after the nap
2) Whether to getup or extend the sleep till morning :))
3) Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! Wow such a nice word.

Have a nice day,

Have a nice day,

My days(Gops) said...

@neighbour :- nalla thinking.......

@Pon :- @ morning :- u r a perfect college student (thumps up!!!)
@Evening :- idhelam konjam over...always sleeping?
PS:- adhigama thoonguna kundaiduva!!

visithra said...

Nalla qs

no traffic jams pls
laugh at the djs jokes on radio (same station every morning coz theyre funny n im grumpy in the morning)
no stupid drivers pls
no accidents coz onlookers will stop n delay my journey

no traffic jams pls
switch between radio and cassete depending on mood
if im going home - dinner if im going out hoping to beat traffic n get a good parking

Jeevan said...

Every dayi think i should have more time.If we have time we can do things slowely and can learn many books.