Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hobby !!!!

Right from the chilhood, we all be having different kinds of hobbies..
some collect stamps(mostly), some collects foreign currencies or coins,
some are interested in this and that….and it keeps on =>

My Hobby is collecting cars…..
(it’s a toy car (or) scale model car' nga)
I startd this from my grade 1 (1st std)….and it still continues…..
I used to play with all the cars before I go to bed in the nite daily and it continued till my 12thgrade…
(mind it => I said only stopped playing and not collecting cars)

in the weekends, I'll wash all the car, do some modifications with stickers, re-paint the car to my choice,
shirt buttons,small hooks, coil wire, all are my car's xtra fittings…..
I'm much concerned abt my collection of cars…
I nvr give my cars to anybody… and I luv thm a lot means a lot
whn I cum back from my school, I'll chek all the cars then only remove my uniform
(sometimes my bro and sis, hides the car and watch me crying)….

my study timings at my home is 6pm to 8pm.. I'm a big 420 in escaping from studies….
Me:- amma thookam thookama varudhu ma.. (naaan thoonguren)
mom:- ok nee poitu thoongu….
Me:- I'll jst act like sleeping…
My sis and bro sings ths songs always=> (nadikaadhey nee nadikadhey)
Mom:- she knws tht I'm acting…she'll wait for 15mins after tht, she'll tell to my brother,
dai gopi thoongitaan…..nee poi avan car' ai edhuth vilai aadu..
Me :- aiyo amma, ennaku thookam varala….
Mom:- ennaku therium, olunga books edhuthu padi…
Me :- ????????

atlast, my father bought me a 2nd hand V.I.P suitcase at my 9th grade…
all my cars wil be safely packed (parked) in it… and both the keys will be with me only..
whn I finished my bachelor's degree, I had already 142 cars (includes lorries,bus)
most of the cars, my father presented and the rest are my relatives……….

before I fly here, I packed all my cars in 3 suitcase locked it and took the key along with me…
whnever , I call my home I nvr forget to ask "hw is my suitcase?" take care aah, and my sister is special security for tht….

mmmm……… each car has his own memories….

I duno hw many of u are still continuing ur hobbies……….

but I'm still collecting cars, every month once I get salary, I buy a car (scale model)……
(now I hav 22 cars with me)….

None of my roomates , hav hobbies now .. Jst !!! (parak parak)…
but they never fails to tease me…….ystdy's discussion…
I entered my room with my car and showed thm….

roomates:- dai aarambichitaanda gopi, ippavey avan pullaiku car collect panna…
Me :- chance' ey illa, this is for me and I nvr evr give this to anybody…….
roomates:- why u r wastng the money , like buying such stuffs?
Me :- its my hobby..
Roomates:- u r at donkey's age (25+ is it so?), and still u r having a hobby of collecting….?

hey, am I doing wrong? Continu'g my hobby is a crime or wht?
actually, I dun care anybody who talks abt my hobby….
its from my childhoood, and I jst cant stop bcos of ur teasing……
"car"keetu thaaney?(correct)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

change !!!!!!!

My_Days_are_Counted changed to
My Days (gops)

this will last forever...........

Monday, March 27, 2006

siripu vandha siringa....

Engineering collegela padichi engineer agalam.
Aana Presidency collegela padichi President aga

bus stop kitta wait panna BUS varum...
full stop kitta wait panna FULL varuma?????

AIRTEL connection vachiirundalum...
connection vachiirundalum... thumumbodhu(sneezing)
HUTCH nu than satham varum

oorukae kaekura madhiri sathama korratai vittalum...
un korattaya nee kaekamudiyadhu....

gold vachi gold chain pannalam ana
cycle vachi cycle chain panna mudiyuma????

enna than 500 Km speedula puyal kathu adhichalum,
cycleluku pump vachi than kathu adikanum....
enna ulagam da idhu... ?

MUKKALI la ukkaralam.........
NAKKALI la ukkaralam......... Ana
THAKKALI la ukkara mudiyuma??????????!

Minnala paaththa kannu poidum.....
paakalana minnal poidum....

Namma adicha athu mottai
Thaana vizhundha athu sottai...

Mela irundhu keezha vizhundha ARUVI....
Keezha irundhu mela parandha KURUVI....

Paambu ethanai thadavai padam eduthalum
athaala oru thadavai kooda
theatre-la release panna mudiyathu...

ennathan karunanithi DMK la irundhalum avar
veetu maadu "amma" nu than kathum

Ennathan Java la Threads irunthalum Atha vachi
lungi neyya mudiyumaaa ?

i'm flat....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

are we?

Health is Wealth (kandipa)
hw many of us are taking care of our own health?
w/out proper food and w/out proper sleep,
do u think tht u can maintain ur health?

if we are with our parents., no need to WORRY for anything…
they are ther to take care of us..(Doesn’t matter even if u r 40yrs old…)

whn I was in india
I used to eat anything at home = no complaints at all…..
but if they repeat the same item, I used to say to my mom =>

( though I dun eat vegetables at all, but I want different vegetables sambar, pulikulambu etc)
ie, Kathrika illadha kathirika sambar, beans illadha beans pulikulambu etc etc)

Me:-amma, yemma eppa parthaalum indha (for ex:) katrikai ey vaikereenga? Vera edhuvum theriaadha?
amma:- aama nee காய் saapidra madhirithaan… summa saapidu da
Me:- saapida maten nu theriudhu la? Why cant u try someother dish like this and tht..
amma:- dai, ennaku therinchadhu ithuthaan..unaku variety aah venum naah, unnai kattika porava kita sollu … senjitharuva…..
PS:- (tht time I was a college student…)
Me:- ungalukku pesavey theriaadha ma?
amma:- enaku pesa therialana, nee eppadi da pesuva? ( oh "தாய்மொழி"?)
we both will laugh …..then'll forget the topic…
(someother day it wil start again)

now in Kuwait,
Here, I hav becom choosy in foods…..
I never eat if I dun like, (evn to fill the stomach)

Breakfast no probs..
bread and butter goes daily no probs in it

1. I cant eat everything wht they put in cafeteria…
(like pasta, vermicelli rice, arabic style curry etc etc)
2. I hate frozen chicken, mutton…
I'll not even turn to the dish side …..
I will starve better than eating such items..

so everyday my lunch wil be rice and dhaal, I always carry a pickle bottle in my car ( funny aah irruka? Vera vali illai nga)

(PS:- cos, of some of south indian cook in the hotel, I'm seeing now a days "மோர் குழம்பு")
also I startd loving vegetables…..but not getting enough chance to grab it………
he he he

no choice,
daily barotta with "egg illadha egg curry"…
( in one of the kerala hotel ""சலீச்சு போச்சு" nga)
I can eat idli, dosai , etc etc….but cant do it daily ( its tooooooooo expensive)….

1. I never feel shy eating in friends house.. Whnever, I visit some => I directly ask them , can I eat here today?
(whr in india, I nvr eat anywhr except in my house)..
home food is home food….nothing can beat it….

I 'm not blaming, jst talkin abt my "******'……

Saturday, March 25, 2006

This week Top5

1. watchd two films Pattiyal and Mercury Pookal

2. Mercury Pookal => ok story.. Meera jasmine is still looking cute… srikanth ???
PS:- 10mins scene whr srikanth goes to meet meera jasmine in trichy in the 2nd half => enjoyable

3. Pattiyal => Aarya and bharath really acted well (?!?!?!)…..
PS:- why they kill everybody? Why they get killed? Adhelam ketkakoodadhu….

4. cooked and ate namma ooru "கெண்ட" மீன் (ஆத்து மீன்) after a long time….

5. atlast, I can => தாய்மொழி தமிழில் இனிமேல் எழுதலாம்…..
all the credit goes to "Neighbour" நண்பன் who helped me……….

PS:- if there is spelling mistake in my "தமிழ்" plz Xcuse…
cheers !!!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Biggest Disappointment……….Part-2

21st sept'2004

peria katturai.........

arrived colombo at 4.30am
I was carrying 54kgs luggage (irrukadha pinna? after 2 1/2 yrs I'm goin to india nah)
so I took a stop-over in colombo to keep my luggage…
after formalities, I straightly went to bond baggage service ( whr I can keep my 54kgs of luggage in the store for 4 days @$10/-day)(I chkd it thru internet)
I asked to the lady in tht counter..
Me:- g'morn, I jst want to use the bond baggage service..
She:- sorry , tht service is not available for time being…
Me:- so, I can come in the afternoon?
She:- no, the store is under maintenance and it will take atleast 2 weeks…
Me:- I startd telling my whole story……………………………….in the last ,
whr I can keep my luggage for 4 days?
She:- if u hav any relation or friend u can keep it ther…..
Me :- (myself-(idhu ennaku theriaadha)……… ok thanks….
I left the place thinking on my mind ( inimel internet information ai nambakooodadhu!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Wht to do next?
lots of ideas came in…
1. take one cheaper lodge and keep the luggage and go…..while coming back pick it up…….
2. call one of my cousin and let them take care of my luggage…….
but I knw, nothing is possible…u knw why?
on my way bck to chennai , I hav only 40mins transit (no stop over allowed)……
I cannot carry my luggage all the way to s'pore bcos, only 20kgs allowed and I had already 54kgs..also I cant pay excess baggage for 34kgs….if I take, again I hav to pay excess baggage from s'pore to chennai ……………
kodumai da saaamy…. (My First attack)
totally confused….
after lots of kolumbufying, I decided to reduce my luggage weight and carry the rem'ng with me….

refreshed…look at my watch...
local time is 8.45am..and my flight to s'pore is at 00.30hrs (22nd aug'04)
still lots of time to go….(disgusting)
I do hav some friends in colombo….so, I calld one of them (college mate)
Me:- Hello, naan gopi pesuren….
Venki:- dai vandhutiya?
Me:- aamam, airport la thaan irruken..
Venki:- veetuku vandhutu poriya? time irruka unnaku?
veetuku vandhutu poda….?
Me:- adhuku thaaney call pannunen…( enna oru suthamaana poi )
Venki:- half an hour la naan anga irrupen, wait for me….
Me: ok ok ….
bit relaxed….
in the meantime, I shifted sme of stuffs into 2 bags (around 18kgs) to giv it to my friend and one for my cousin
he came around 11am.. (bcos of peak hr traffic)
went to his home….gav the bags to him…(surprised)
we chatted for 1 hr, thn I took lunch and slept till 6p.m….and
got ready, went to the airport around 8pm……
while leaving my friend said,
dai jst plan for a trip for 2 days to stay in colombo b4 u go to kuwait….
I said , wil try and rushed in …..

My Second attack welcomed me........

finished customs checking and handed over my pp and ticket to the counter staff ( she's also a lady)
She:- whr u r travelling?
Me:- (lookd up the LCD monitor it showed (UL*** to s'pore))
She:- do u hav visa ?
Me:- ya…(showd to her)
She:- no, this is malaysia visa, show me s'pore visa
Me:- (kannu theriaadha kab*****)…both are in same page=> see here……..
She:- oh, ok ok …….
she took the pp and ticket and went to her supervisor in-charge and both were discussing something
I got tensed….(whts goin on?)
finally she came bck after 20mins
Me:- anything wrong?
She:- ya, ur S'pore is valid till 21st sept'04 (ie till 11.59pm)
and ur flight is at 00.30am on 22nd sept'04. so we cannot allow u to travel, kindly take ur baggage and.....
Me:- took back the pp again and read properly, its written as…
Ur entry to s'pore shud be on or before 21/09/04, while ur ** visa valid till
Me:- reached already the high level of tension, frustration, ellamey…….

I wanted to cry loudly but I laughed at myself…(sare aaana maanga(I'm) )……..
its 100% my mistake

it’s a matter of only a half an hour (12am to 12.30am.) => but it bothered me a lot…..(lifetime)
Kaiku ettunadhu, vaiku ettalai ey?............podhum da saamy….

I really duno wht to do next again….its already 11.30p.m……..

My Third Attack.......

chekd the flight to chennai, my bad time again started working....
ys, all the flights to chennai are not fully bookd, but its over booked……

myself =>am I'm in a bad time in colombo? Or my time is bad?

whtever it is , I managed to get a ticket to travel chennai only on 24th evening …….

so yet another 3 days had to stay in colombo, doing nothing…………..
except going to casino's(money puller)

later i cald my friend muthu and told him the whole story........... they laughed like *****
(still they used to tease me).....

Gopi avanukey vatchikitaaanda aaaapu..........

Bad time - Sweet Memories..................

PS:- this year sept, i'm planning again ( ha ha ha) , but this time no publicity ......

Think Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 20, 2006

My Biggest Disappointment……….Part-1

though I had lots of disappointent in my life, this is one of the biggest……..

In 2004 August I planned my vacation after finishing my 2 years of contract….
ths time, as to my cousins(singaporean) request I planned to visit singapore
and malaysia for 7 days.
whn I told to my roomates abt this, they all laughed and
one of them is "muthu" who told dai ollunga "ooruku pora vali ai paruda, summa anga poren, inga poren kadhai vidadha" ……….
I jst kept quiet…..

I booked the ticket , applied for visa (though I hav to apply visa for singapore in Malaysian embassy,) I got both the countries visa's for 5 weeks (multiple enty)
I was very happy to see the visa stamped in my passport……..i showd to my roomates they said…
dai gopi,"ennathan s'pore visa unnaku kidaichaalum, nee anga poitu vara varikum naan namba maten"
I said, pongada dai, poitu vandhu unga kitta pesikiren….

all set, I was supposed to travel on aug'15th……

but first disappointment startd on aug'08th…
I recd a memo from my chief manager like this,
dear gopi,
as we(our company) are starting up a new project, (catering) u r requested to post pone ur vacation by 25 days….

me in full upset,
I straightly went to him and explaind abt my s'pore trip and etc..
but he rejected with smile….
I had no choice other than postponing……..

same time I mailed my cousin tht I cannot travel on 15th , but sure will make it on sept 13th…..

in tht nite, whn I told this to my roomate, they all laughed like anything and started telling
"gopi started his drama" da……nu…………
I jst kept quiet didn’t talk anything as usuall ( thala valium, vaithu valium thanaku vandha thaan therium.)

nxt day, went to the travel agency to amend the date,
my time paarunga, seats are fully booked till sept 22nd…(my both s'pore and malaysian visa expires on 26th sept………)
so I had to cxl my malaysia visit and made arrangements only for s'pore
( 7days trip comes down to 4 days trip)

so finally got my itenary in my hand . (srilankan airlines - cheaper than others)
Kuwait -colombo-s'pore-colombo-chennai-colombo-kuwait

the next 25days went jst like tht and the day came
Sept'21st 2004 ……..

to be continued ………………….

Sunday, March 19, 2006

tagged by Hon'ble "princess of gold"

Movies I would watch over and over again:
1. Kushi
2. Amarkalam
3. Padaiappa
4. Panjathandhiram
5. The Great Escape

TV shows I love to watch:
its been almost 1yr since I've watched any Tv Channels (including news pa)
but whnever I get a chance(to go any friends house) ..i used to watch
1. Super Ten (sun tv)
2. Arattai Arangam
3. Top Gear (BBC)
4 . Apart from this , I do watch telugu songs channel (orey commedy aah irrukum)

My favourite foods :
1. Rasam with pavakai pirattal…..
2. Veg.Fried rice with boneless chicken 65 (only in india)
3. Fried King Fish

My Greatest victories :
1. though am a below average student, I scored 94marks out of 100marks in my 10th std (final exam)
( PS:- my mom was the most happiest person thn me on tht day…)
2. Believe me, whn I won Rs.500/- in my very first bike race ( cauvery bridge to KK.Nagar) between our guys..
3. Ford Motors - Chennai -> selected me and cald for final interview for the trainee course
(but, my mother didn’t allow me to go)

Things that I hate
1. My friends or whoever, makes me to wait for nothing ……( ennaku punctual aah irrukanum)
2. if somebody throws the cigarette buds with fire on the road ….( I really hate this people)
3. expecting a lot and getting disappointment ( i hav a story on this will write very soon)
(edhirpaarthu yehmaaradhu ennaku suthama pudikaadhu)

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
Myself ( he he he)
My blog friends ( idhepdi keedhu?)

Things I dream often
Fly back india for a vacation and enjoying the days with my friends and families

I would like to tag
its ur wish guys, enaku eppodhum koduthu thaan palakam…..
venumna neengaley eduthukonga….

PS:- vela irrukuravanuku oru velai thaan, but vetti aah velai illadhavanku pala velai...

sattena karaindhadhu nenjam,
sarkarai aanadhu Kaneer,
inbam inbam oru thunbam,
thunbathil thunbathil perinbam......


Saturday, March 18, 2006

En Ulagam unnai sutrudhey !!!!!!!!!!!!

one of my lifetime wish is to own this car .......

Toyota Sera

though its only a limited edition car...i cudnt find even a single car in kuwait....
(its banned in kuwait bcos of weightless body)..

My search has began....
(thedi thedi thedi theidheney!!!!!!)

if any of u guys in tamilnadu, owns this car and wants to sell it, please inform me before doing it...

i'm crazy on this car....

cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

This week Top5....

1. My birthday was top in this week..

2. unmai ai sollanum nah, last week naan oru velai'um seiala,

3. watched "minnale" again after 2 years, "dun u nvr do this"…… Music chance ey illa….
so today and tomrow only Minnale songs………

4. once we are get to used to one thing,(car,bike,mobile,internet, it goes on)
but , its not there whn we needed??? wht'll be our mentality?
I experienced this whn my car was in the garage……
we shud'nt depend in one thing, we shud hav a alternate always (not in everything)

5. Decided not to sit n the garage hereafter, cos actualy I went for brake reparing, bt he (mechanic) made to change something else also...
(Kaathu vaanga ponen, but kavithai vaangi vandhen........kadhai thaan.....)

whn I plan something, something(opposite) happens really……… (this may be 200000'th time)

he he he

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brake gav me a break.!!!!!!!

started the day with the brake failure………..

after passing the first signal on the way to my office,
I saw the road empty (weekend here) and I accelerated to 110km, thn I saw the board
"camera ahead speed limit 80km"….(ivanga tholla thaangala pa)…….
I pumped my brake, devuda!!!!! (brake pudikala)
The pedal was going in, but, the speed was in still 100km
I got tensed and startd pumping again again,(pudra pudra dai pudra) nothing workd…
I had 2 option to stop the car,
1. pull the hand-brake (I knw it doesn’t work at 90km speed)
2. put the gear from "D"(drive) to "P" parking ( I've not tried yet)…but I was scared to do so,
(if it is a manual gear, I wud hav stopped the car long back)

so decided not to take any effort to stop the car ,let it bang anywhre and later face the prblm whtever it comes…..
Thnking so, I changed the gear to "N" neutral and took the leg from the brake pedal….
I was so lucky, no cars ahead on me… oru valiaaah car 30km speed ku vandhurichi, then I pulled the hand brake,
atlast, car stopped (aiaaah)………….big relief

after tht cald one mini crane to take my car to the garage, he came after 1 hour then I went with him to garage chekd everything and the mechanic said to change brake kit and it will take atleast 5hrs… finish….

I said ok , catchd one taxi and went to the office, by the time I reached its now already 1pm and today is half working day , so 1.30 we are closing…..

PS:- wrote this in the half an hour office time..(yet another day w/out working)

1. from 8.45am to 1pm ( totally screwed up by my car)………..

Koduma Koduma nu koviluku ponaah, anga oru koduma thalai ai virichi aadunichaaam…………

Feeling the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Its My Birthday.....

kadavul punniathula..
me entering into 26 today......


padinga padinga padichikitey irrunga.......

well fourth year in a row celebrated my b'day outside my home…….

Birthday one & only a special day whr ur relations, friends, Parents, colleagues specially focus on u to greet, to take treat… etc etc..

Celebrating our birthday differs from child to childhood to teenage to youth to mid-age to

whn we are child , (ie upto 3yrs) our parents will celebrate our birthday's by inviting peoples, cutting cakes, making parties, giving gifts..

whn we are in schools, wht we'll do? if the birthday's falls on the week days, we used to wear new clothes, distribute chocolates(catbury's mostly) to our schoolmates and fivestar chocolates to the teachers….. And once u come frm school, ther will be a special food in our house……

whn we are in teenage, we feel shy to distribute chocolates to the students.., so we'll ask our parents, ma, please give me the money instead of buying the chocolates, I wil treat my friends in the canteen…..

whn u r in college, I swear most of the friends wil be after u on ur birthday to giv them treat in the bar (saraku)… so we'll behunting for money here and ther to satisfy them.
(irrukaadha pinna, namma birthday pa)……
(birthday annaiku veetula kaasu vanguradhuku namma padura padu irrukey )

mmmm….adhu oru alagia nila kaalam…….

since I started working I've not celebrated my birthday with my family and friends for the past 4 yrs…..

wht I did ystdy,?
got up at 7.30 with a wishing call from my brother..
my inbox (mobile) showed 22msgs received…….
all are b'day wishes msgs frm my friends in india…..
after taking shower I prayed for a while (adhisiyam aaanal unmai ellam illai, I do pray daily,)…..
then dressed up,(no new clothes), had a glass of milk, went down, started my car and switched on the tape and selected the songs in rhandom mode….beleive me , the first song I heard is "kadavul thandha alagia valkai",from maayavi….
me bit surprised, but I repeated tht song till I reach the office…..

all my colleagues wished me, then I opend my mail , the greetings I recvd in yahoo mail 26, Hotmail 7…….
I chekd each and everything, ……… and started thanking them thru phone…..
PS:- I do hav a habbit of calling all of my friends who sms me, mails me, on my b'day……
each one I used to call 1 or 2 mins, whre I get the real pleasure……

by the time I finishd thanking thm, its already lunch time…..
as I promised , I took 7 of my colleagues to KFC ( I hate KFC) but its their choice…so no other go…… we returned at 3.15 to the office and all settled down in their work,
but me? I decided myself the other day, tht I shudnt work on my b'day, so I seriouly followed tht…………..
he he he

I invited my tamil friends with their families for dinner n a "southindian restaurant"…..

at sharp 5pm, me " vudu joot" from the office , and straightly went to my ex-colleague's new office and spen'd some time with them (I hardly get chance like this)………….
by 7.30pm all of them came to the restaurant and the dinner started with oothaapam, thosai, masal thosai, Idli ,sambaar, chutney, aiyo aiyo ellam namma ooru veg item……
saapadu oh oh , aah aah………….

we all had a nice time, after a long time…..
talking, joking, commenting on things like wht we did 2 years before during our office days, in the room , while shopping ...
it goes on...
by 11.15pm we all said g'bye and moved out.....

mmmmm …it’s a nother memorable b'day…………
yet again 4get to take the camera (pathastam)…
.so one of my friend captured the moments in his mobile phone……….

PS:- 1.Since I knw myself, I hav not cut any cake on my b'day……..i duno why
2. the b'day which I celebrated during my college days with my parents money, has a
pasumai aana ninaivugal…which is not gonna happen again in my life time………..
i really miss it………..
3. Birthday is the only day which I celebrate a lot………..
Total people wished me

Sms => 89
Phone calls=> 31
Thru mails => 33
Thru my blog friends==> 8
direct wishes ==> 46
totally it crossed 200 , I'm really happy (this much people reminded me)……

as ponnarasi said,
many ggggreat personalities b'days falls in march, and I'm one of tht


Saturday, March 11, 2006

This week Top5

1. Saw Kalabah kadhalan, Sudheshi, Kovai Brothers, Blough Master (Hindi)

Kalabah khadalan :- a different story, 2nd heroine is ok in acting,

Sudheshi => typical captain's election movie…. "all the doctors shud work in the village for 1year to get the doctor's degree=> nice point..

Kovai brothers=> 1st half some scenes are really nice to laugh especially sathyaraj immitating others…....framing govt.officer's activities is the highlight........

Blough Master => Hero abishek bloughs everybody in the movie but in the end we are bloughed with the story…..

2. Gave in advance my b'day lunch to my friends n the same "trichy bismillah hotel"…(same mutton briyani)…

3. Switched off my mobile first time in 6months ystdy…..omg, not even a single missed call, messages etc……

4. Thought of gifting myself for my b'day, so went for shopping, but valakam pola onnumey pudikala…..

5. My first b'day wish came thru sms from my sweet heart ( my best friend dhandapani)

PS:- ystdy physically I was ok, but mentally onnumey velai seiyala……..


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Womens Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All of us have a woman to wish, may it be Mom, Sister, Ladylove or wife.

About : En Amma

Two things I like in her: 1) Her Stricktness
2) Coool and sacrificing attitude……

Two things I dislike in her:
1) She never lemme go out in the weekends with my friends
2) She nvr takes medicine at all…….

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1 ) Fish Curry,
2) pavakai piratal (chance hey illai)….

I would like to tag:
all my buddies who hav not been tagged ....


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Missing u my darling

Mood swings..........

wel, ths pic. taken in kodaikanal during my send off party in the year 2002 (april)....
all are yahama bikes except the last one(suzuki shogun).... and my bike is the first n the list Yahama Rxz ..... (hw is it?)

i hv been in this bike to :-(from trichy)
1. chennai (11 times)
2. Kodaikanal (28 times)
3. Ooty (6 times)...

its always fun u knw, to go for a long trip with 16 guys especially in the hill stations tht too after 8pm following each other like a train compartment... appapa, ippa ninaichaalum orey majaava keedhu....mmm i hav lots of memories with this bike...

PS:- only last year i hav exhanged this bike with Yahama Rx-100
(rx-100 ask any guys, they go crazy on it)....


Monday, March 06, 2006


1. Allen Solly, Peter England , etc etc etc (only branded)
2. S.Kumar shirts, burma bazaar shirts, tailor stictched shirts..

Pants, Jeans
1.Allen Solly, Levis,Lee, etc etc
2.Tailor stiched pants, Newport, Ruf & Tuf , and other local branded,

1. Reebok, Nike, Levis, etc etc
2. Rebak, Nuke, cracadille etc etc

Shoes, Flotters,
1. Nike, Reebok, Addidas, etc etc
2. Bata, Thambu mark, etc etc

1. Rayban, Gucci, Guess, etc
2. 30 rs pakka local burma bazaar , or anything from opticals,

Hair Style
1. Styling gel
2. Oil with water to set up their hair style

1. Burger , Pizza, with pepsi and coke,
2. samsa , vada, bajji with tea and coffee.

1. Milk shake, Fresh juices,
2. paneer soda, sarbath, lassi

Dating girls,
1. shopping malls, cinema theatres,
2. Beach, Temple, Bus stand.

1. Lancer, Opel, Ikon, etc etc
2. very rare=> one or two with zen, esteem, ambassodor

1. Imported Honda's or fully altered bikes
2. mostly 2nd 2-stroke bikes with no proper shape mostly…….

Chating place
1. Drive in, browsing center
2. Kuttichevuru (mostly) and tea kadai…

PS: ennanu kandupudinga paarpom.....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

This week Top5

1. Loads of work, cudnt finish anything due to powercut.
2. apppada , atlast I got my day off ystdy after a 5 weeks….
3. I washed my car after a month ( I knw this is too much, but wht to do? All in the game….)
4. Me and my roomates went all the way 60kms from my room to hav lunch in "Trichy Bismillah Hotel".
first time in this past 4 years I had a typical namaa ooru briyani…enna taste theriuma? Aiyo aiyo, ullam ketkudhey more…
5. watched June R, Kalvanin kadhali,Madharasi the same day……jst for timepass again…,
June R => Pakka senti,
Kalvanin Kadhali => Nayandhara vukaga parkalam
Madharasi => still trying to catch the story, but cud'nt

PS :- Lost 2kgs weight…..

Cheers !!!!!!!!!

paaprey !!!!!!!!

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iiiiiiiiiiiis'nt she so cute ????????

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


nw here the local time is 3.15am.... me stil in the office..
(life really sucks sometimes)

loads of work pending, running out of time, in btween no current in the office for the past 2 days (maintenance probs),

am i a donkey or a horse at work? (ofcourse, i knw tht u duno)

Donkey? => cannot run like a horse

Horse? => cannot take load like donkey......

i duno why i'm writing like this....

i need a b r e a k !!!!

PS:- bt this gives me some experience.............

no cheers today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!