Monday, March 06, 2006


1. Allen Solly, Peter England , etc etc etc (only branded)
2. S.Kumar shirts, burma bazaar shirts, tailor stictched shirts..

Pants, Jeans
1.Allen Solly, Levis,Lee, etc etc
2.Tailor stiched pants, Newport, Ruf & Tuf , and other local branded,

1. Reebok, Nike, Levis, etc etc
2. Rebak, Nuke, cracadille etc etc

Shoes, Flotters,
1. Nike, Reebok, Addidas, etc etc
2. Bata, Thambu mark, etc etc

1. Rayban, Gucci, Guess, etc
2. 30 rs pakka local burma bazaar , or anything from opticals,

Hair Style
1. Styling gel
2. Oil with water to set up their hair style

1. Burger , Pizza, with pepsi and coke,
2. samsa , vada, bajji with tea and coffee.

1. Milk shake, Fresh juices,
2. paneer soda, sarbath, lassi

Dating girls,
1. shopping malls, cinema theatres,
2. Beach, Temple, Bus stand.

1. Lancer, Opel, Ikon, etc etc
2. very rare=> one or two with zen, esteem, ambassodor

1. Imported Honda's or fully altered bikes
2. mostly 2nd 2-stroke bikes with no proper shape mostly…….

Chating place
1. Drive in, browsing center
2. Kuttichevuru (mostly) and tea kadai…

PS: ennanu kandupudinga paarpom.....


Jagan said...

is it "now and then " thing ? illai peter-kum kuttichuvurukum irrukira 6 vidyasama ?

neighbour said...

netru and indru...
current place and tiruchy..

My days(Gops) said...

@jagan:- mams u r right!!! its the difference between peter-kum kuttichuvurukum irrukira nirai ah vidyasangal....

Pambin kaaal paabarium nu summa va sonnaga?

@neigh:-somethings hav changed with me as u said...