Monday, March 20, 2006

My Biggest Disappointment……….Part-1

though I had lots of disappointent in my life, this is one of the biggest……..

In 2004 August I planned my vacation after finishing my 2 years of contract….
ths time, as to my cousins(singaporean) request I planned to visit singapore
and malaysia for 7 days.
whn I told to my roomates abt this, they all laughed and
one of them is "muthu" who told dai ollunga "ooruku pora vali ai paruda, summa anga poren, inga poren kadhai vidadha" ……….
I jst kept quiet…..

I booked the ticket , applied for visa (though I hav to apply visa for singapore in Malaysian embassy,) I got both the countries visa's for 5 weeks (multiple enty)
I was very happy to see the visa stamped in my passport……..i showd to my roomates they said…
dai gopi,"ennathan s'pore visa unnaku kidaichaalum, nee anga poitu vara varikum naan namba maten"
I said, pongada dai, poitu vandhu unga kitta pesikiren….

all set, I was supposed to travel on aug'15th……

but first disappointment startd on aug'08th…
I recd a memo from my chief manager like this,
dear gopi,
as we(our company) are starting up a new project, (catering) u r requested to post pone ur vacation by 25 days….

me in full upset,
I straightly went to him and explaind abt my s'pore trip and etc..
but he rejected with smile….
I had no choice other than postponing……..

same time I mailed my cousin tht I cannot travel on 15th , but sure will make it on sept 13th…..

in tht nite, whn I told this to my roomate, they all laughed like anything and started telling
"gopi started his drama" da……nu…………
I jst kept quiet didn’t talk anything as usuall ( thala valium, vaithu valium thanaku vandha thaan therium.)

nxt day, went to the travel agency to amend the date,
my time paarunga, seats are fully booked till sept 22nd…(my both s'pore and malaysian visa expires on 26th sept………)
so I had to cxl my malaysia visit and made arrangements only for s'pore
( 7days trip comes down to 4 days trip)

so finally got my itenary in my hand . (srilankan airlines - cheaper than others)
Kuwait -colombo-s'pore-colombo-chennai-colombo-kuwait

the next 25days went jst like tht and the day came
Sept'21st 2004 ……..

to be continued ………………….


neighbour said...

It all happens man... enaku ippo nadunutirukara kadhiyaa sollurane kellungoo...

I came to US for 3 months assignment on Aug 2005. After 3 months starting Nov 2005, client will extend my contract by a week or by a month.. Everytime when the client tell that, I conveyed to my friends an promised that I am leaving to India. Atlast its after 7 1/2 months I am leaving to India (confirmed). when I told to this to all of guys whom i know no one belives it. Even my rommmies.. Now I booked my tickets and I am ready to travel to India. idhula enna koothu naan kelabara date April 1st. Soo enaka ippo oru bayam enna fool pannutaanugaloonu..

My yahoo Id is ping me in yahoo messanger if you find time.

neighbour said...

ennaga disappointeduku continutation yellam kodukarrenga..

avalavu yethir paarpoo unga vallkaiellaa

My days(Gops) said...

neigh:- i hav not finished my story yet...adhu oru periya kadhai...

april 1st escaping aah? hope u'll go this time..

Jeevan said...

kadiasia unga roomets, vudaiya varthai palichiduchu. will see what happen in next post.

visithra said...

next post faster!!

full post pohdurah palakkam illeh??

My days(Gops) said...

@jeevan:- aaamam, palla kaatiduchi...

@visith:- idho elidhiren...
full post podalam, but romba long aah irrundhichi..thts why...