Sunday, March 19, 2006

tagged by Hon'ble "princess of gold"

Movies I would watch over and over again:
1. Kushi
2. Amarkalam
3. Padaiappa
4. Panjathandhiram
5. The Great Escape

TV shows I love to watch:
its been almost 1yr since I've watched any Tv Channels (including news pa)
but whnever I get a chance(to go any friends house) ..i used to watch
1. Super Ten (sun tv)
2. Arattai Arangam
3. Top Gear (BBC)
4 . Apart from this , I do watch telugu songs channel (orey commedy aah irrukum)

My favourite foods :
1. Rasam with pavakai pirattal…..
2. Veg.Fried rice with boneless chicken 65 (only in india)
3. Fried King Fish

My Greatest victories :
1. though am a below average student, I scored 94marks out of 100marks in my 10th std (final exam)
( PS:- my mom was the most happiest person thn me on tht day…)
2. Believe me, whn I won Rs.500/- in my very first bike race ( cauvery bridge to KK.Nagar) between our guys..
3. Ford Motors - Chennai -> selected me and cald for final interview for the trainee course
(but, my mother didn’t allow me to go)

Things that I hate
1. My friends or whoever, makes me to wait for nothing ……( ennaku punctual aah irrukanum)
2. if somebody throws the cigarette buds with fire on the road ….( I really hate this people)
3. expecting a lot and getting disappointment ( i hav a story on this will write very soon)
(edhirpaarthu yehmaaradhu ennaku suthama pudikaadhu)

Great Personalities I would like to dine with
Myself ( he he he)
My blog friends ( idhepdi keedhu?)

Things I dream often
Fly back india for a vacation and enjoying the days with my friends and families

I would like to tag
its ur wish guys, enaku eppodhum koduthu thaan palakam…..
venumna neengaley eduthukonga….

PS:- vela irrukuravanuku oru velai thaan, but vetti aah velai illadhavanku pala velai...

sattena karaindhadhu nenjam,
sarkarai aanadhu Kaneer,
inbam inbam oru thunbam,
thunbathil thunbathil perinbam......



neighbour said...

average student - 94% mark.hmmm enga oorula ippadi mark edukaravangaluku perae verai...

unga P.S. sooper.. naanum onnu soourane ketukoonga...

"velai seiyaradhu easy velaiyae illamaa velai seira maathiri nadikaradhu romba kastamappu..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha. Tht was interesting. Aaana average student'grathu thaan konjam idikudhu...

My days(Gops) said...

@neigh :- he he he...sathiyama naan below average student thaan..
12th maths la naaan 92marks edhuthen but tht is for 200marks..idhuku enna solreenga?
unga PS:- adhevida joober.....abo
nanba, if u hav yahoo id giv me plz..

@princess:- meiyalumey naan below average thaanungo.....
do u hav yahoo id? if so, giv it me plz......

Jeevan said...

Nice tag:)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Below average'a... ungalukku romba Thannadakkamo? Nakkala kekra mari irukku :-/ Etho.. 'princessofgold2001' is my id.