Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weekend !!!!!!!!!!

wht do u guys do in weekend? I mean how do u spend the day ?
1. if u dun hav enough friends to hang around?
2. if ur roomates , who always wants to sleep all the day?and also they dun want to go out of the room after they get up?
3. if u dun hav any TV channels?
4. if ther is no new films CD's to watch?
5. if u hate sleeping?especially after lunch?
………. Answer me please

how do I spend…. ..?

Thursday (if I go early )
office'la irrundhu kilambum podhu summa "kujaalaah" thaan irrukum…….
room'uku oru 3.30pm 'ku ellam poiduven…. room'la yaarumey irrrukamaataanga..
pogumbodhey , pakkathu room'la poi "tamil, kannadam, telugu, hindi" nu endha padam CD kidaichaaalum edhuthutu vandhu paaarthuduven… (my roomates, they watch only tamil and englibikish films.)….
mostly padam mudiarathukum , roomates varathukum time correct aaah irrukum.. Avanga
vandha vudan oru "tea pottu kodupaanga". Adha kudichittey oru kadhai poduvom……..
by 8pm , I'll ask them shall we go out? They always says "illa gopi, romba tired aah irruku"…neenga poitu vaaanga…….. (myself " I knw this., "suttha waste")

I hav my brother (sithi's son) here who's staying 30kms away from my place……..(he stays with me in the weekend) frm his office to my room its only 15mins…but I hav told him strictly to go and stay at his home till I cum and pick him up.
(apppavadhu atleast oru 2hrs time pass agumey'nu thaan!!!!!!!)
by the time we return to our room (10.30pm) "makkal ellam ara thookathil irrupaanga"
ada "thirundha'da jenmangal irundhenna laabam"……..( thoonguravangalai ellupuradhu I hate to do) , I dun disturb them….. 2 other friends will cum to my room after 11.30pm., so we four will sit and chat till 3am. after go to sleep…

Friday's ( if I dun hav to go for work)
we hav made one rule in our room…n fridays whoever wakes up first has to make tea and wake others…evn though we all gets up around 10.30am nobody will get down from the bed….
(illati thaan tea oothanumey?) orey comedy'a irrukum…last'la yaarachum "toilet" poga they get down…. and he is the "tea" man tht day.....appadi'ey tea kudichikitey konja neram kadhai pesuvom…after tht around 12.30pm its lunch time'nu escape aagiduvom..
usually we search for a restaurant which shud be very far from our place atleast we shud spend some time'nu...after our lunch we'll return to room around 4pm and thts it roomates ennamoh "oru 40 footer container" a unload pannuna madhiri……tired aah irruku konjam thoonguna nalla irrukum'nu sollikitey asaalta thoongiduvaanga…

in the meantime, I wash my clothes, vaccum the room ( poludhu poganumey)…………
namma guys haramshe'va oru 8pm'ku endhiripaanga……after sometime dinner prepare pannuvom ellam sendhu (rice and rasam)
indha konja neram namma guys summa active'aah irrupaanga ,
appuram padam edhuvum irrundha, we'll watch….illatium nalla kadha pesuvom
2am'ku gudnite sollitu …thoongiduvom…..

talking illati sleeping….. Youth waste aagudhappa

different peoples with different attitudes.... i cannot blame them or pull them for my pleasure...
orey bore…. "naaan aaduna aatathuku, ippa adangi poraapula oru peeling"…………….
namma weekend ippadi pogudhu………..

PS:- manda kaaanchi, manda kaanchi kadasiyil………… decided to go for "Playstation 2"
nvm whoever says me a kid……kallivali

this weekend
Me going to watch=> MS.viswanadhan (Music director) and Maladhi (singer) (manmadha raasa paatu pugal") Paatuku Paattu concert.
one of my roomate "madhan" gonna sing with Maladhi for 3 songs…..
1. "Theepudika" from Arindhum Ariyamalum
2. "Kundumanga" from "sachin"
3. "Nalladhoru Kudumbam" from Thangapadhakkam
its sounds gr8 naah?
"innaiku podura sathathula mavaney stage rendaaganum"
and also I heard they are telecasting it in "suntv"…dunno whn'nu?
so watch out the show later in suntv…
me in Yellow Tshirt hopefully will be sitting in somewhr …………

Monday, April 24, 2006

Rickshaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the Victim of the modern transport invasion.

for the one who doesn’t knw abt cycle Rickshaw's!

Ccycle Rickshaw 1985 (100% manual ) => factory fitted
rickshaw comes from the cycle family with three wheels, soft top(tarpolin) with a window in the center at back, factory fitted 2 seater (spring with coir) and the luggage space is under the seat ..

extra fittings by our Rickshaw'kaaars..
one wooden slab(opp. of the 2seater) whr he can add 2 or 3 more passengers extra on his "savari => trip".one long mirror in top of the wooden slab, (for passengers and for him to make "style")and ofcourse, MGR photo's w/out frames will be stuck in both the sides inside ..
2 strong hooks will be fitted in both the side bars to hang the school bags in the left side and water bottles, tiffin boxes om the right side to cover the balance…

I used to go school by Rickshaw (UKG to 5th std)
though our rickshaw man name is Murugan, we used to call him only Rickshaw'kaaar
(no rickshaw mama???)
our school starts at 8am and ends at 3.30pm
he sharply comes down to our building at 7.30 am and makes the sound "dung dung dung".. Me nd my bro runs fast to catch our favourite seat.
(mine is left corner in the wooden slab and my bro's is right corner…)..
we were 7 students from the same school in one rickshaw and ther wre some other students from the same school in some other rickshaw's…. Mostly we all leave same time only..
(My school is around 2km from our house… and its one of the best convent (sollikitaanga) for the middle class peoples..)

ther will be race always (daily) btwn the rickshaws..most of the time our rickshaw wins the race while going to the school but, while coming we always loose…. U knw why?
on the way to our school ther is a big slope….down the slope its easy to pedal , but as u knw coming up its very difficult...
the other rickshaw'kaar will let some students to push his rickshaw getting down while pedaling up in the slope but, our rickshaw'kaar is a nice man…he never let us to walk down on the road at any cost, so we always lose the race
its always fun..starting early in the morning going to friends house call & pick thm..
whnevr our rickshaw'kaar stops in any of friends house I used to "visil" and say holdown and right right… hmmmm…….
after sumtime, some of students changed to auto's ,
whn my bro finished his 5th std, I was in 4th std and I continued going with some other friends..
I changed school for my 6th std…since then I started going school by town bus…

now a days, cycle rickshaw's are changing (changed) into Motor rickshaw in my place
(as per my survey in sept 2004),
and most of the rickshaw'kaars promoted thmself as auto drivers….
and also nobody r goin to school by cycle rickshaw and not even in auto…
they all changd to "school bus"…

PS:- 1. All (mostly) rickshaw'kaar are "MGR" fans
2. they always sings "MGR" thathuva songs..
3. not all can ride cycle rickshaw….cos, it pulls u in left side automatically once u pedaling

ennanga? bore adichiducha? kandukaadheenga...


I'm bck

I'm back..
sorry for the break again
last 10days I've been busy with shifting our office to a new building..
oh yeah => new office looks really nice with new furnitures……..
but these days w/out inaiyathalam "என் உலகம் எதையும் சுற்றவில்லை"….

Thursday, April 20, 2006

back on track

from saturday, i'll be back on track

chk this out

Math magic : ur celfon number last digit x 2, +5 , x50, + ur age, +365, & -615.
the last ur age & 1st is ur celfone's last number ..


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vetti Officer

not all are gifted to be a "Vetti Officer" after their bachelor's degree………
and I'm one of the gifted person….
he he he

(Vetti Officer => who dun hav work, nothing to do, spending the day jst like tht , running after *******, etc etc….decent aah solla pona.. Vetti officer = ThandaSoru….)

My Vetti Officer Period ( April 2001 - May10th 2002)

as I said earlier, Vela irrukuravanukku oru velai thaan, illadhavanuku pala velai…
Right after my exams got over, some of my friends decided to do their master's in Chennai
and me decided to hunt for a job … I told my dad abt this and left to chennai…
PS:- I hav enough freedom at my home to do whtevr I It didn’t take long time to convince my father…

In Chennai…
my friends took a house for rent and we all got settled ther within 3 days with computer, cars, bikes, tv, dvd players, thatt muttu saaamangal, cots, etc etc
totally we were 11guys….
some joind computer courses, some Mba, and I'm the nly 1 to hunt for a job….
ha ha ha
( I swear not even a single day I hav been out to search for a job)…

Vetti Officer life => in chennai
get up=> eat=> roam=> eat => sleep..
days jst went like tht….with lots(loads) of fun…..
after 47 days I left to trichy for a holiday (idhu onnu thaan korachal)….and after tht I put முற்று புள்ளி for my chennai staying..

Vetti Officer life => in Trichy (July'01 to Sept'01)
Mostly for every Vetti Officer (men) , their office wil be "Tea Kadai"…
so engalukku mattum enna exception aah? We started sitting in one "Tea Kadai=> pandiyan coffee bar"…
"E" ottura kadai => daily revenue will not exceed Rs.300/day…only tea avaliable..nothing else…
if we order some 10 teas at a time, we hav to pay the money in advance, so tht , they can buy milk..
ha ha ha… appadi patta kadai thaaney we need….
1st week => our vetti office strength was only 4…but after tht our strength slightly started growing and in one stage it reached 37…wow it’s a big improvement…..(friends chain)…………
later in the shop , they started to put vada, bajji in the evening, and the revenue startd coming around 800 to 1000/-..
its all bcos of our guys…..the owner of tht shop gave a credit limit to me upto Rs.200/- and daily 4 tea free….(compliment) why? ofcourse, I'm the Managing Director for the vetti officer..and everybody do knw tht..
our daily routine => PCB
My vetti office times to and evening 6pm to 11pm….
wht we'll do in Vetti office=> talking, talking, talking, no other things…..
My timings…
get up at 9am with bed tea, hav breakfast and go to vetti office , come back at 1.30pm, hav lunch watch Matniee show in suntv till then kutti thookam till 5.30pm, again one tea at home thn straight to Vetti Office….come bck home at 12.30 to 1am..
(mostly my dinner will be my sister's Scoldings .......
( thappu senja thalai kunianum=> my policy)…

this schedule didn’t last for long time..bcos, the owner of PCB jst sold the shop overnite w/out informing us…
Wht next? It’s exam time for our all didn’t bother much…….
we said bye bye each other till the exams get over…..
Me left to my fav place "Ooty" for 2months….
my ketta pazakam paarunga. Once if I go to ooty I'll forget everything,..(no friends, no commitments)……
PS:- abt "ooty" in next issue….

Vetti Officer life => in Trichy (Nov'01 to May'01)
(in ths 7months, valkai vaalvadharkey nu vaaalndhom……..)

namma pasanga andha 2months gap'la romba munneri irrundhanga…
bike ellam vaangi, alter panni, pudhu vetti office (tea kadai) pudichi, college ellam cut adika palagi... lots of changes ………

in our dictionary
1. Office => Tea Kadai
2. Catcho(s) => Figures(ponnunga)
3. Signature => jst to show the "particular girl" tht "particular boy" is after her
4. jabru, jabradust => Drinks ,
5. kooja, Chicago = > Smoke()Cigarette
6. Hunting => veetla kasu eduka poirrukaan,
7. Bit => catcho ku hi sollitu varadhu, pinadiey poitu look vitu varadhu
8. Bun=> NoseCut..,, disappointment etc…

Sight adiching is our main Aim….( ponnunga nammala kandukudho illaio., adhapathi ellam no care)
"Signature"poda vendia edathula, nerathula..correct aah potruvom..

Our daily Schedule to jogging in the bridge => lots of catcho's used to jog to 7am gym time => body building ellam illa, ( to watch girls playing tennis in the ground) to 7.30am (contonment) => Signatue for engineering college students (bus-stop)
7.30am to 8am (Sastri road) => signature for higher secondary school girls ( auto, scooty, etc) to 8.20am (maris theatre irrakam) => signature for ******* college girls
8.20am to 8.50am (chatram bustand) => signature for ***** college girls..
8.50am to 9.30am ( salai road ) => signature for ***** college girls…
in the meantime , tea, chicago ellam undu….
9.30am to 11.30am => Time to relax at home..
11.30am to 1pm => vetti office. to 1.30 pm (chatram bustand)=> day college ponnunga ellam veetuku pora time aache?
1.30pm to 1.50pm (maris theatre irrakam)
1.50pm to 3.15( lunch time at home)
3.15pm to 4.30pm (salai road, t.nagar, worraiyur)=> putting bit
4.30pm to 6pm (vetti office)
6pm to 6.30pm (sastri road) => Tuition time for school girls..
6.30pm to 7.15pm (MGGate, maris theatre) => evening college ponnunga veetuku pora time..
7.15pm to 9.30pm => vetti office…
after 9.30pm it depends on our mood sometimes night show cinema, jabru, or night study

night study:- seetu kattu raja, computer games, group chattting….
edhuvumey illati jst go home and sleep and the routine the next day….
ha ha ha(nalla puzaphu) this schedule in weekdays ..

Saturday => morning show or matinee show =>our film time….
(college/hostel girls ellam apppa thaaney padam paarka varuvaanga?)

Sunday => early morning we go 30km away from trichy to drink fresh "kallu" => play cricket => swim in cauvery river( I'm scared of water) so, mostly I go cauvery river only at summer ..=> get bck home at 2pm..=> sleep for a while …
and at exactly,our "bike race" show begins at 6.30pm to 9pm in "cauvery bridge"….
wht a fun we use to hav 'abba……..

cannot get ths entertainment back…

தேடி தேடி தேய்ந்தேனே, தீண்டும் கண் முன் கண்டேனே,
கண்னே கண்னே காணாய் கண்னே....
ஒரு சில சந்தோஷம், ஒரு தடவை தான்....

Days are gone…friends are seperated round the corners...
missing my memories…

padinga padinga padichikitey irrunga..padichittu summa poiraadheenga...

Ps:- its lenghty to read i knw.., but i duno to write"short and sweet"..... so X c u s e....
next 4 days holdidays for really a big plans yet....
but, decided not to sit in the room doing nothing.... as well as in the office too...
Njoy.... its my joy....

அனைவருக்கும் என் "இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்"

Saturday, April 08, 2006

This Week Top 2

1. Ystdy s my 1st biggest "BUN" day in 2006..

"Bun" in my Dictionary => Disappointment , Nosecut, Failures……………

and tht "Bun" is=>
as I said in my earlier post, tht I'm gonna go for "A.R.Rehmans"show,
apart from this , I made (convinced) my roomates and some other friends to watch the show….
we bought 7 ticket($33) each for the show on Thursday morning..(show friday 7pm)
it’s a first come first serve basis seating arrangements...
so, we guys started 4pm for the7pm show and by the time we reached the stadium, its 4.30pm…and very surprised to see only few peoples hanging around…

Me:- paartheengala naan sonnadhu polavey, seekiram vandhadhunaaala kootam illai. Easy aah first row'la ukkaralam…
Friends:- aaamam, but 2 hrs hav to sit for nothing , adha ninaicha thaan kastama irruku..
Me:- sare sare vanga, ulla poi seat podallam…we were abt to leave..suddenly one of my friend
Friend:- ey, indha board 'ai paarunga da…ennomo ezhudhi irruku……..
In the notice board :-
"AR Rehman's 3rd Dimension Tour":-
has been postponed for timebeing…
sorry for the Inconvience..

Me:- !!!????? Aiyo yo, innaiku naan "ooruga va"?
Friends:- cha, vandhu waste aagiduche….
Me:- sathyama ennaku onnum theriaadhu,
Friends:- adhu sare, ticket refund pannuvaangala?
Me:- vaanguna idathil thaan ketkanum..
Friends:- sare, ippa enna pannuradhu? Anga vera sema bandha kaamchitu vandhutom….ippa thirumbi pona sakka "O" poduvanga…
Friend:- indha, nammala kootikita vandha sir irrukaru, avaru nammala engai aachum kootikitu povaru…
Me:- indha vilaiyaatuku naan varala….
Friend:- adhu engalukku theriaadhu, naanga paatuku irrundhom, nee thaaan "life la oru thara thaan ippadi chance ellam varum(ARRehman's)…..appadi ippadi nu solli engala kavuthita?…..
Me:- ??? Ellam en neram…..,
we all laughed…
had tea in the nearby shop, then started roaming……….and reached room around 10pm…..
PS:- cycle gap'la makkal ennai rombavey thaalichitaanga………..
Pona machan thirumbi vandhaan vetthu kaila (empty hand)….

2. Beans sambaar vaikalamnu , kadala parupai pottu vega vacha?...adhu beans kootula poi mudinchi pochi….
appuram thaan unmai'ey therinchichu,
"kadalai parupu for kootu, and Thuvaram paruppu only for sambaar nu………
PS:- ey, evanaachum inimel ennai peria parrupaa?nu kettu paarunga……I'll explain u guys…..

ha ha ha ha
indha varam "bun" vaangina vaaram...

cheers guys....

Thursday, April 06, 2006

2 darlings !!!!!

who always gets scolded from me daily w/out fail….
though I'm get used to be with them mostly they becom the most valuable in my day to day life.
1.Computer :- The first V.I.P. give respect take respect policy holder, illati "samayam paarthu annathe kaala variruvaar."
Konjam fast aah velai seipa chellam, annanuku nerai aah velai baaki irruku, plz plz…..=> My fav dialogue to "PC".... phone :- "The perfect privacy killer"…….

But, w/out him I cannot go anywhr,
yen eppa paarthalum noi noi nu kathikitey irruka? Konja neram ***** irruka mudiaadha? My fav dialogue to my mobile
I can write a lot abt my darlings, aaanal paaarunga, ellathukum ivangala pathi nallavey therium…. so, edhuku waste nu ........


Wednesday, April 05, 2006



its raining heavily here....
i'm excited....i luv rain.....
driving in the rain with wippers on is my fav..
office full of water, files, pc, mobile charger all took shower today....

PS:- whnevr i wash my car, the next day it rains.......
my luck continues........


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

nadapadhu nadandhuvidum……

ha ha ha……
I'm much tensed today….but still laughing myself (non-stop)
ha ha ha

today went to one for official work…..morning at
I'm supposed to give my ID card before entering the office…. (rule here in all govt offices)
(usually, I used to give my health card instead of giving my ID Card…bcos, once if u lost the ID card, it’s a big procedure to get it back, and u cant move anywhr w/out it….)

but today by mistake, I gav my ID card and went in…
(i realised once i got in)
after finishing my work , came out gav the token to collect my ID ,
paarunga ninaithadai polavey nadandhudichi…..

they hav misplaced my ID somewhre among 3000 other ID's……devuda…
enna pannuradhu nu theriala., they made me to sit to search for it….
apppada, atlast they found it and gave to me …….
u knw wht time?
Adhigamillai gentlemen jst 2.45pm …..

whole day screwed up….. feeling tired =>nothing doing=>fully exchausted=> want to go home=> nadakuma?

kasta kaalam.....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

This Week Top5

1. month end came exactly in the weekend…. So had to work Thursday and Friday
PS:- I nvr mind to work in the week days evn till 12 midnight, but in the weekends
I hate….(though I hav nothing to do in my room…)

2. watched two films "Veeran" dubbed telugu film , and Oru Murai Sollividu…
if u really dun hav anything to do., plz watch this films…..
tht too in the 2nd film, hero/ine acting chance hey illla..

3. went for a drive this time to a different desert…
Ps:- driving with 2x2 is useless…

4. watchd one Goundamani joke whr we (roomates) talked abt tht, the whole day..
Goundamani:-(owner of Mutton stall) sings this song,
Nee Sollavidin yaar solluva? Nilavey….ven nila vey……….
Customer:- leaves the shop w/out buying anything
Goundamani:- dai, yenda onnum vaangama pora..
Cusomer:- enaku nee paduna pattu pudikala,
Goundamani:- aamam, nee vaangura kaal kilo kari'ku (mutton), unaku enna
S.P.B aah vandhu paduvaru….poda poda
ha ha ha ….

5. AR Rehman givng a live concert on April 7th…so went to buy the ticket..
aana paarunga, the lowest class ticket costs much and u cant see anything if u sit in the last row..
so asked for the middle row ticket…… ketavudan aiyaaa flat….pina ambutu vila sonna….
decided its better worth watchin the show in DVD….
PS:- but, manasu ketkamatengudhu…. Naan idhu madhiri live concert edhuvumey paarthadilai aah….so, low row ticket eduthu atleast oru 1 hr aaachum show paakalamnu , my ulmanasu telling…let see..

didnt fool anybody on 1st April Day....
actually i forget, i got to knw April 1st only at cud'nt fool anybody.....