Thursday, April 20, 2006

back on track

from saturday, i'll be back on track

chk this out

Math magic : ur celfon number last digit x 2, +5 , x50, + ur age, +365, & -615.
the last ur age & 1st is ur celfone's last number ..



kuttichuvaru said...

ithu jus math manipulation machi.... age n cellfone last digit vechu oru number form pannittu, tryin to arrive at it frm those 2 numbers thro some math!!

x is age n y is cellfone's last digit-nnu assume pannikittaa,

100x+y thaan final answer which is basically the 3 digit number obtained frm combining those 2 numbers :-)

gud one though!!

neighbour said...

kandha medhai engal Gopi annan vazgha.. enna oru kandu pidipu..

idhuku naan pattern vangikiranae please

My days(Gops) said...

@kutti :- aiyo ithanai irruka idhula? sathiyama theriaadhu....

@neigh:- kandellam pudikala, jst forwarded sms..