Monday, April 24, 2006

Rickshaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the Victim of the modern transport invasion.

for the one who doesn’t knw abt cycle Rickshaw's!

Ccycle Rickshaw 1985 (100% manual ) => factory fitted
rickshaw comes from the cycle family with three wheels, soft top(tarpolin) with a window in the center at back, factory fitted 2 seater (spring with coir) and the luggage space is under the seat ..

extra fittings by our Rickshaw'kaaars..
one wooden slab(opp. of the 2seater) whr he can add 2 or 3 more passengers extra on his "savari => trip".one long mirror in top of the wooden slab, (for passengers and for him to make "style")and ofcourse, MGR photo's w/out frames will be stuck in both the sides inside ..
2 strong hooks will be fitted in both the side bars to hang the school bags in the left side and water bottles, tiffin boxes om the right side to cover the balance…

I used to go school by Rickshaw (UKG to 5th std)
though our rickshaw man name is Murugan, we used to call him only Rickshaw'kaaar
(no rickshaw mama???)
our school starts at 8am and ends at 3.30pm
he sharply comes down to our building at 7.30 am and makes the sound "dung dung dung".. Me nd my bro runs fast to catch our favourite seat.
(mine is left corner in the wooden slab and my bro's is right corner…)..
we were 7 students from the same school in one rickshaw and ther wre some other students from the same school in some other rickshaw's…. Mostly we all leave same time only..
(My school is around 2km from our house… and its one of the best convent (sollikitaanga) for the middle class peoples..)

ther will be race always (daily) btwn the rickshaws..most of the time our rickshaw wins the race while going to the school but, while coming we always loose…. U knw why?
on the way to our school ther is a big slope….down the slope its easy to pedal , but as u knw coming up its very difficult...
the other rickshaw'kaar will let some students to push his rickshaw getting down while pedaling up in the slope but, our rickshaw'kaar is a nice man…he never let us to walk down on the road at any cost, so we always lose the race
its always fun..starting early in the morning going to friends house call & pick thm..
whnevr our rickshaw'kaar stops in any of friends house I used to "visil" and say holdown and right right… hmmmm…….
after sumtime, some of students changed to auto's ,
whn my bro finished his 5th std, I was in 4th std and I continued going with some other friends..
I changed school for my 6th std…since then I started going school by town bus…

now a days, cycle rickshaw's are changing (changed) into Motor rickshaw in my place
(as per my survey in sept 2004),
and most of the rickshaw'kaars promoted thmself as auto drivers….
and also nobody r goin to school by cycle rickshaw and not even in auto…
they all changd to "school bus"…

PS:- 1. All (mostly) rickshaw'kaar are "MGR" fans
2. they always sings "MGR" thathuva songs..
3. not all can ride cycle rickshaw….cos, it pulls u in left side automatically once u pedaling

ennanga? bore adichiducha? kandukaadheenga...



Jeevan said...

Nowadays children’s go to school even in call Taxi. nice memories about cycle Rickshaw

kuttichuvaru said...

me too went to school in Rickshaw only!! it was a lot of fun!!

Harish said...

Autorickshaw...adula oru olymic competition vechcha nama aalunga thaanya gold jeipaanga

வேதா said...

ur post brought back my memories. naanum konja naal rickshawla schooluku ponen. enga rickshaw maama perum murugan thaan. rickshawla porathu ore jaaliya irukkum. ennoda rendavadhu thambi appave ponnunga pakkathula ukkara maateenu sonnadhala(appa avanukku 4 vasayu thaan, en pakathula kooda ukkara maatan) oru seat thaniya irukum avanuku(ippo epdinu theriyathu:))

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Nan schoolku Nataraja vandi thaan.5 th std la irunthu Autola ponen. yeah nenga solra mathire all rickshaw boys are MGR fan coz of his Rickshawkaran movie.

neighbour said...

enaku idha experiencea illai...

My days(Gops) said...

@jeevan:- ya i forget too... thanks

@kutchi:- apppa ungalukkum experience undu?...cheers

@harish:- kandipaaa..aana adhu appo..ippa eppadi nu theriala?

@veda:- thanks & cheers !!
unga thambi ippaium rickshaw'la thaan porara? ippa unga thambi ponnunga pakkathula ukaandha, ponnunga endhirichi poidum'nu ninaikiren...((jst kidding))...

@gopal:- apppo neenga peria idathu paian'nu sollunga....Rickshaw naah ley "MGR" thaaamba

@neigh:- so u missed some fun..

Usha said...

hmm...conductor aayirukanumo neenga?? ;)

Shuba said...

Hey made me feel nostalgic....yaa in my LKG to 2nd i was travelling is rikshaw...nice topic for ablog...nowadays no one travels my rickshaws...nice post

My days(Gops) said...

@shuba:- thanks. welcum here...
apppa neengalum oru "Rickshaw" pal nu sollunga?>

My days(Gops) said...

@usha:- appadi ellam illa...conductor'aah aagi irrundha, inneram naan super star aagi irrupen (aaasai jaasthi thaan)

Anonymous said...

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