Sunday, April 02, 2006

This Week Top5

1. month end came exactly in the weekend…. So had to work Thursday and Friday
PS:- I nvr mind to work in the week days evn till 12 midnight, but in the weekends
I hate….(though I hav nothing to do in my room…)

2. watched two films "Veeran" dubbed telugu film , and Oru Murai Sollividu…
if u really dun hav anything to do., plz watch this films…..
tht too in the 2nd film, hero/ine acting chance hey illla..

3. went for a drive this time to a different desert…
Ps:- driving with 2x2 is useless…

4. watchd one Goundamani joke whr we (roomates) talked abt tht, the whole day..
Goundamani:-(owner of Mutton stall) sings this song,
Nee Sollavidin yaar solluva? Nilavey….ven nila vey……….
Customer:- leaves the shop w/out buying anything
Goundamani:- dai, yenda onnum vaangama pora..
Cusomer:- enaku nee paduna pattu pudikala,
Goundamani:- aamam, nee vaangura kaal kilo kari'ku (mutton), unaku enna
S.P.B aah vandhu paduvaru….poda poda
ha ha ha ….

5. AR Rehman givng a live concert on April 7th…so went to buy the ticket..
aana paarunga, the lowest class ticket costs much and u cant see anything if u sit in the last row..
so asked for the middle row ticket…… ketavudan aiyaaa flat….pina ambutu vila sonna….
decided its better worth watchin the show in DVD….
PS:- but, manasu ketkamatengudhu…. Naan idhu madhiri live concert edhuvumey paarthadilai aah….so, low row ticket eduthu atleast oru 1 hr aaachum show paakalamnu , my ulmanasu telling…let see..

didnt fool anybody on 1st April Day....
actually i forget, i got to knw April 1st only at cud'nt fool anybody.....



Usha said...

Apr 1st kooda theriyama work panreenga..hmm, live concert ellam nera pona thollai, I'd prefer a dvd version which is cleaner.

Jeevan said...

nan oru concert kuda parthathu kadaiyathu, only saw light music in marriage recepictions. Goundamani joke ethanan vatti parthalum bore’a adikathu.

vishy said...

ARR live concert.. enga.. namma Texas pakkam evanum vara matengaran...

Gaundamani-Senthil.. difference of opinion naala.. ippo renduperukkum market illama poochu..

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

Gops,Last year inge nadantha A.R.Rahman Concert ku nan ponen,it was fantastic.Don't miss it.last row la utkarnthu parthalum u can enjoy the concert not much difference.

My days(Gops) said...

@usha:- April 1st nu therium, but fool pannna numnu strike aagaala.
DVD is our choice, but atleast oru half an hour aachum paarthutu vandhudanum....

@jeevan:- me too., Goundamani kaalam ellam poiey pochu..

@vishy:- Texas y not coming nu theriala, but NY,LA, ellam vandhu irrukaaru.
btw,welcum here..

@gops:- kandipa poi paarpen...