Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pocket Money => 2

11th standard
My pocket money increased to Rs.2/day and also my father bought me an 2nd hand cycle (Street cat GCX => Boom Boom shakalaka boom boom shak ( do u guys rem'ber this ad?)
out of this Rs.2=>Re.1 for pocket money and Re.1/- for emergency to fix the flat tyre (incase)..
kooti kallichi paaartha last'la enna first'la irrundhey Re.1/- thaan enaku pocket money..

in my school, the boys were allowed to wear full pant =>only from 11th std..(adhuku munaadi "ara drayer" thaan…) why I'm telling this? Cos, pant potta pasanga, velia poi "maanga, pullipu muttai'nu saapta nalla'va irrukum? sametime, canteen'la pepsi cola kudichaalum oru madhira'ah paarpaanga namma Veg.puff, butter bun, paneer soda , idhula edhaachum onnuthaan ….adhuvum once in 2 days thaan..

12th std..(no pocket money)
mostly after summer vacation,on school re-opening day, after assembly there wont be any classes.. We can jst go home.. (6th std to 11th std enga school'la appadi thaan)…so naangalum 12th std opening day annaiku assembly mudinchitu nera appadi'ey "maris theatre" la
friends kooda..jackie jhan padam paarka poiten…..padam mudinchi appadi'ey oor suthitu, correct'aah school 'vudra time veetuku poiten..
next day , school'uku ponadhuku appuram thaan therinjadhu, the other day "namma class mattum full day irrundhuchinu".
my class teacher (asst HM) engalai (15guys) outside the class nikkavachi,
strict'aaah sollitaar..bring ur parents with the letter saying
"en magan inimel class cut adika maatan., melum idhupol ini oru thadavai nadandhaal, en paiyanaku TC kodukavum'nu…"

summa'vey enga amma strict, adhuvum ippadi oru letter koduthathuku appuram romba'vey strict aagitaanga..

oru naal senja thappu'ku , 8months enaku kidaitha punishment..
1. Pocket money totally cut..
2. Saturday's , sundays'la except tuition I cant go anywhr ( esp to play, to friends house)
3. I hav to take lunch at home only..
4. after school ends at 4.30pm I hav to be at home atleast by 5pm and then I hav to go to my maths tuition at 5.30pm
spl class'nu poi sonna, next day my mom cheks with my class teacher..
(PS:- ennaku thaan ippadi'nu paartha, matha 14students'kum ippadi thaan…bcos, it’s a personal instruction from my class teacher to all the parents….)
3rd revision exam finish aanathuku appuram , other group 12std students'ku study holidays kothutaanga.. but enga class teacher? sattathai than kai'il edhuthuvittaar.! s, he kept special classes for us daily from 10am to 1pm.
hall ticket kaila vara varaikum we guys attend the classes…
naanga eppo first letter koduthomo appavey decide panni irrundhom=>
last class'a cut adichi cinema'ku poganumnu……like tht, apppa "kadhal desam" release aagi evana paarthaalum "abbas" craze pudichi alanjikitu irrundha neram…engalukku mattum enna exception'aah?
Joot vudradhunu decide panniaachi but, this time "Mass Cut" nu
namma leader declare pannitaaru…….. Aana paarunga.., ella class'laium 4 or 5 "nyana palam, amaanji, nga irrukathaan seium? Namma class'laium irrundhaanga…avangala convince pannikitu irrukum bodhey oru aamanji escape aagi classteacher kita "enna compel"panraanga'nu pottu koduthutaan...

he(CT) directly came to the class, carrying the letter which we had signed earlier……..
he asked us (15guys) to stand in the bench…(1st time after my 4th std)…
he gave a big lecture=> thn at last => he returnd back the paper to us saying "its all for ur good future only" I did like this'nu ….(Sathyama ennaku onnumey puriala apppa..)

lastly, Neenga ellorum innaiku mass cut adika poreenganu therium…….appadi seiaadhinga….naaney my dear students'ku permission tharen..
veetuku poravanga veetuku pogalam, cinema'ku poravanga cinema'ku pogalam…..idhu namma last working day…. adhanala its all ur day, enjoy =>All the best.'nu sollitu poitaar…..

engalukku ellam orey Centi aaagiduchi………..irrundhaalum cinema'ku late aagudhunu =>vudu escape...

I thought of writing sumthing and i ended up in sumthing…….

anyhow pocket money continuation follows nxt=>…………..



Shuba said...

Hey that was agood post...esp padathukku poi veetla udai part 3 eppo release?

Jeevan said...

11th padikum pothaa Bantha panna arambichitigala like eating veg-puff. firstday class'a cut panittu padama, thavathan ungalukku, nice memories:)

வேதா said...

neenga sonna madiri nama mass bunk adikalamna sila gnanapazhangal poi pottu koduthudum. naan 12th padikkum pothu en class pasanga sila per tamil class nadakum pothu, bench adila bijli vedi koluthitaanga. thideernu, orey satham, orey pugai. enga princi vera vanthutaaru, engaluka orey siripu thaanga mudiyala:) kadasi varaikkum antha vediya yaaru vachanganu kandey pidikala;)

My days(Gops) said...

@shuba:- thanks.. veetla udai'aah? adhuku melaium vaangunen....

@jeevan:- 12th starting'la adhuvum purposly i didnt do...ellam Sadhi..

@veda:- aiyo? naanga ellam adha (benjukadi'il oosi vedi) college days'la thaan senjom...

neighbour said...

hmmm.. school kadasi day..... nalla thaan irukum...

then veda sonna oosi vedi naanga 10 padikum poodhae nadandhiruchu...

Anonymous said...


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